Sponsored Children

The Greenville FMY began sponsoring children in 1987 with a pre-K boy named Luckenson, from Haiti.  Since that time we have sponsored several children from around the world.  We currently sponsor two children:

SofiaSophia Damice was born on March 3, 2006.  She lives in Haiti with her mother, father, 1 brother and 1 sister.  Her dad is a farmer and her mother stays home with the three children.

Sophia attends church and Sunday School with her parents and dreams of traveling to other countries and becoming a nurse.

If you would like to make a contribution toward helping Sophia with her needs of food, clothing and education, please contact Greg Groves 618-664-2584.

Our newest sponsored child is Besufiqad from Alem tena, Ethiopia.  He is four years old and has just started in both school and the Childcare sponsorship program.  His father is a driver and his mother is a homemaker.  He has one sister.

We have sponsored many children between Luckenson and the two children that we currently sponsor. We sponsor through ChildCare Ministries of the Free Methodist Church.

The current cost is $30/month and this supplies food, education, clothing and other needs.  The Greenville FMY has been sponsoring children for 32 years!

You can sponsor your own child through ChildCare Ministries.  Follow this LINK for all the information you need. http://www.childcareministries.org/