Our programming happens for three different purposes:

Large Group Gatherings (Key word “WIN”)

5th Quarters — are events after home football or basketball games (we also get together after soccer games, tennis matches, volleyball games, etc.)  We often combine with other youth groups in town.

Fall Retreat — Every fall (usually October) we go to a State Park or Youth Group Camping area for a weekend away.  On some years we do a ‘Serve the City’ urban experience in place of fall retreat.

Potosi — In the Spring (normally April) we go to the YMCA of the Ozarks, near Potosi, Missouri, for a spring retreat. This is one of our group traditions, dating back a number of years.

candlesCandlelight Christmas Concert — On Christmas Eve we invite back former FMYers to join us in a concert of Christmas music and candle lighting.

Mid-Size Classes (Key word “BUILD”)

Wednesday Night is the hub of our programming. The entire group comes together for in-depth Bible study, teaching, worship, and “group life.” Every Wednesday at 6:45 we touch base with each other and with God. The FMY leaders are responsible for this time of growing and learning.

Quizzing — This is an in-depth study and competition around God’s word. Our teams practice on Sunday afternoons at 4:30 and have monthly quizzes against other churches.

Sunday School — We have a high school class which meets every Sunday morning from 10:00 to 10:45. We use a variety of teachers in order to put more ADULTS in touch with more TEENS!

Small Groups (Key word “EQUIP”)

dgroupsDiscipleship Groups, or D-Groups, are small (6 to 10 teens) “same sex” groups aimed at application in a Christian’s life. The adult leaders weekly facilitate accountability, care, and “content.” The “content” can be Bible Study, book study, devotions, prayer, ministry, outreach, or any one of a number of things.

Ministry Team is a group of teens and leaders who are concerned about and want to minister to their friends. This group is open to all and meets periodically throughout the year.

 Camp Counselors — Counseling at Durley Camp in the summer is a great opportunity to get involved in ministry.

Leadership Opportunities

Leadership Team — meets every other month (adult leaders only)

D-Group Leaders — this is a 4-year commitment to your small group.