Maggie Schoepke is a Creative Production Assistant at Central States Media and a former graduate of Greenville University. Her emphasis while studying was in Graphic Design, but she also enjoys pursuing elements of Video, Photography, and Journalism. Maggie is equally enthralled by books, cats, and sushi. When not obsessing over any of the above, she enjoys spending time in nature and having deep, meaningful conversations.

Maggie’s ultimate goal in life is to use her talents to serve others. She has experience guiding, counseling, and photographing young individuals. She was also the 2017-2018 Outstanding Digital Media Creator of the Year and 2017-2018 Editor in Chief of the Greenville University Papyrus. Maggie has high hopes of someday using the skills she’s attained to travel and study abroad. In the meantime, she aims to fulfill her calling to both love and encourage others in a creative setting. If you are interested in Maggie’s freelance services or just looking to know her better, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Outstanding Digital Media Award

Honors and Awards

Outstanding Digital Media Creator of the Year • 1st Place 50 Hour Film Festival • Digital Journalist of the Year • Honorable Mention, Type Design