What People Say

a.k.a. Kind Feedback

“Kristyn has talents in multiple areas and is very creative. She works well with others, is empathetic and is a hard worker. She is a very quick learner and her future is bright!” -D.C.

 “Kristyn is amazing! Need anything graphically laid out? Check her out! Prompt and great work!” -C.R.

“Kristyn is a hard-working, talented and professional individual. I have the privilege of having her as our design intern for two summers. She is motivated to complete items on her own but works well in a team environment. She possess a great eye and attention for detail and her design talent was remarkable for someone of her young age. She is a pleasure to work with and any company would be fortunate to have them on her team.” -S.H.

“Kristyn is one of the most talented and hardworking individuals I have ever met. Her design skills and work ethic are second to none. She consistently demonstrates excellence.” -L.S.

“Kristyn has proven to be a serious and conscientious student, always present and prepared. She is mature, reliable, and thoughtful. She is a quick learner, taking responsibility for finding the necessary resources to learn the material being presented. She welcomes the challenge of learning new concepts, is able to meet multiple deadlines, and works well independently but also assumes a leadership role during group activities. I have seen Kristyn grow in confidence, ability, and in her leadership skills. She is a very creative designer, with unlimited future potential in her field. She leads by example, has an excellent work ethic, and is always willing to help others. Kristyn is a very talented designer, producing work that is thought provoking, highly creative, and with an aesthetic maturity well beyond her peers. She has also been active in her community.” -D.S.

“Kristyn is very talented in everything she does. From photography to graphic arts whatever you need she can professionally complete the job at hand.” -L.S.

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