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Programs used: InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop

Nate and Cam recruited me to brand their school radio show Spring Semester 2018. I created their logo and ran their social media. With something new like this opportunity, the sky is the limit for creative, so why not hop on board at the opportunity to continue to grow in your craft?! 


By working on the show, I enjoy doing what I love! To find a passion for something is a discovery one can be forever blessed for. I enjoy most of all working with my friends. For Nathan, Maggie, and I, we are in our last semester at GU, so by working on the show, it gives us more quality time together. Having Cameron a part of the team makes a pretty awesome squad!


 Programs used: InDesign, Illustrator, WordPress, Premiere, and Photoshop

CrossPoint Church located in East Peoria, IL has had The Point youth group for many years, but in the last few wanted to rebrand it. I created the logo and from there I branded them. I created a WordPress site which didn't exist before. I also signed them onto social media and more recently created a promo video for them.


Programs used: InDesign, Illustrator

The Peoria CEO Council came to my class looking for help to create a logo for their Worlds Experience Program. We were given background information about the program when the deadlines would be, and the freedom to experiment with the idea. We had to come up with three ideas to present to them at one of their meetings and from there are elimination progressed until one was chosen. Lastly, I had to create a logo guidelines book for the CEO Council, so it would help employees construct the logo properly.


To get to three ideas, I used mind mapping and came up with a target audience. The icon had to communicate Works. From there I did a lot of sketches and made lots of variations of one idea. My final icon that I am up with was a Bridge. Bridges are a common structure we see daily and travel on. In the Peoria area, there are several bridges that cross the Illinois River. The color orange in this logo represents being active, movable, and travel—words that describe working in the city. In the booklet, I included the logo architecture, the icon, and logo, the font and colors that go along with the logo, design constraints, and how one can use the logo.


Programs used: InDesign, Illustrator, WordPress, and Photoshop

Rising Above is a blog I branded and started in 2015. I’ve come in contact with many young people and their locations are everywhere. They desired to keep in contact with me and likewise. I decided to stretch myself by trying something different and it gave me an outlet to continue to grow in my craft. Not only that, but this blog has encouraged me to keep up getting in the Word and studying it. Yet as you read through my blogs you’ll realize I’m not consistent, but I write based on what God lays on my heart. Today there are 75+ blog postings that one can sit down to and enjoy.